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The Real Nureyev by Carolyn Soutar
The Real Nureyev

The Real Nureyev is an intensely personal, under-the-skin depiction of ballet's greatest hero. Written by Carolyn Soutar, Nureyev's stage manager at the London Coliseum during the 1980s, it focuses on the last, intensely creative, six-year period in the dancer's life - when he was still at the peak of his powers, yet just a few years away from an untimely death.The author draws upon her own experiences and - exclusively - those of Robert Tracy, Nureyev's lover and then companion during the last 14 years of his life; Bill Akers and Roger Myers, who first met and worked with Nureyev in 1962 in Australia; and Yoko Morishita, Prima Ballerina with the Matsuyama Ballet Company, Tokyo, who partnered Rudolf for most of the '80s.

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LUNCHTIME LECTURES with Carolyn Soutar

September-October 2017, Tuesdays 1pm – 2pm

Join Carolyn Soutar in the handsome, panelled Sitwell Library at Woodend for more enjoyable Tuesday lunchtime lectures.

A born and bred Londoner, fortunate enough to have a Scarborian mother, Carolyn Soutar returned to her roots in January 2017, and loves it.

Trained at LAMDA, Carolyn has worked in opera, ballet, straight theatre, large scale events and toured with orchestras. She is the author of The Real Nureyev (Mainstream), Dave Allen, the biography (Orion) and Staging Events, a Practical Guide, (Crowood).

Readers Quotes

"In her book, Carolyn Soutar gives us a fascinating look behind the dazzling stage persona of Rudolph Nureyev, one of ballet's greatest stars."

"I have always been atracted to the glamour and myth of backstage life and Carolyn Soutar's book, The Real Nureyev, managed to envelope me and whisk me away to a backstage world where Rudolf Nureyev enchanted and ruled."

"Certainly the book avoids the habitual flaw in 'how to' books of reproducing reams of templates and sample documents. Soutar does see the wood for the trees, and the examples are apposite and comprehensively explained. Organisational charts are used sparingly and to good effect. This is a useful and fairly-priced work, and worth its place among one's reference books."